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Zero Waste Commitment | Creating a Greener Regime

As we look across the sea of skincare, we find thousands of brands debating glass vs plastic in skincare and its packaging. Often the discussion becomes heated when certain areas don’t align with an individual. At SKN-RG, we constantly weigh up the current choices of the pros and cons of all the packaging and how we formulate. 

From an unbiased perspective, both sides of the debate have good points – glass is hefty. It weighs a lot to post, and many customers prefer plastic in the shower if the bottle is dropped.

Many commercial formulators prefer to use nylons or copolymers because they offer more stability and give a thicker, luxurious feel. On the other side, as an independent brand, we prefer to abstain from either eco-irritants or skin irritants. In addition, we want to ensure our product does not come with compromising ingredients or end up in a landfill nor washed down the sink to cause an onward problem entering the food chain.

So what does Zero Waste mean? To us, it means that we aim to send nothing to the landfill.


So How Do You Become Active In Our Goal? 

By buying from us, you are purchasing a product that contains ethically sourced ingredients, Organic Certified or Plant-Based Natural*. It means that our formulas are plant-based and do not contain any irritants.

As an ethical company, we know exactly where our ingredients originate from, how it is shipped to us, how we manufacture every drop, and then its onward journey to your skin and beyond (down the sink). We measure and evaluate every step, so you know there is no onward impact. In addition, a large percentage of our suppliers send their ingredients in paper packaging or recycled plastic. We, in turn, process these into our recycling or our compost system, even the very herb extracts we make a return to the ground through our compost system. 

Responsibility Sourced Packaging & Delivery

Our ranges offer diverse solutions. We work hard to order large quantities of packaging from suppliers in the UK,* reducing our emissions and onward footprint. *where possible. Some of our packaging is compostable and also offers waterfree options to lessen the burden on water-based products.

From Corn Starch Noodles to Recycled Cardboard OutersCompostable Cellulose Tamper Dots, even our Courier’s Outer Bag is made from Recycled Plastic. We work hard at every step to offer you an alternative ethical packaging system that provides the most eco-effective product. Even our Plant-Based Gel Kit bags and Bamboo Pads are compostable. Our Glass and Airless Technology is approved under The Soil Association and is silicon and PVC free – each recyclable through your local system.


Zero Waste In All Areas 

Our concept of Zero Waste goes far beyond the formulation and packaging of a product. We manufacture and despatch using Zero Waste principles. Our office uses digital processes, and the manufacturing unit operates on Solar Power and Renewable Green Energy. Our waste management extends to ensuring that all received materials including cardboard and other materials that can be recycled are, and we have even found some inventive ways to upcycle to reduce our carbon footprint. We deploy the mantra of recycling, reuse and reduce in every area of our business.


No Waste, Nothing Hidden, Just Pure Performance

Zero Waste Formulas

Some of our products contain Zero Waste ingredients, for example, our popular Advanced Brightening Moisturiser uses Apple Seed Oil. So how is Apple Seed Oil a Zero Waste product?

Zero Waste Oils are carrier oils that are pressed from the seeds or fruit which are sourced as waste products from the natural and organic fruit industry.  The seeds are collected and dried, then sieved for quality and finally cold-pressed into a fruit oil that is highly potent in antioxidants. Even our CloudBerry Seed Oil featured in the men’s and Evolution range. In fact, our new range Evolution has many Zero Waste ingredients. Even our Men’s, Organics and Altitude Body range contain forms of Zero Waste ingredients. Now it’s your turn to experience the power of SKN-RG and discover how you can have purity and performance.

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