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The Secret To Beautiful Skin Is No Secrets

Having nothing to hide is just one of the many foundation stones that SKN-RG use when creating the very best skincare for you. We don’t hide our ingredients; instead, we provide them in plain view for you to see. And we don’t just say what we do, we validate. Each ingredient that goes into your product is certified by external independent assessors either from The Vegan Society, Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free or The Soil Association. Some products from all three!

We have one goal, to give you complete control about what you put on your skin and its creation and its onward impact; whether it is being washed down the drain or how it is packaged. We want to make the skincare world a happier one by helping those to see that there are alternatives and helping companies worldwide see there is a way to create more ethically.

We come from a family who believes and fights for our planet to be the best it can be. Using liquid plastics in skincare doesn’t even enter into our thoughts. Nor harsh preservatives like Phenoxyethanol disallowed under Soil Association regulations, so why should any of these enter into your routine? It’s hard to find them when they come in so many disguises. 


Our company was built on the ethos that “there is another way” and we continue to develop ground break solutions. Today we can stand proud as award-winning leaders in the skincare industry that has not only brought purity to the forefront but also raised the bench in the world of organic, vegan and natural, showing all, that plant power can perform. Recently there has been a belief in the industry that plant-based, organic, vegan or any other type of “natural” and in particular “organic skincare” can’t possibly work? Well, that’s actually not correct. We are proud to give you options to ditch synthetics such as Retinol and find just as effective plant alternatives (yes our “Bakuchiol (plant retinol winner best plant retinol 2021)” really does work, despite some doubters) to advanced clinically proven actives that are all plant-based, trusted by experts in spas and salons across the country and internationally. 

Since 2011 our therapists have performed expert facials using SKN-RG products and techniques. Available from The Hale Clinic in Harley Street to New Zealand. And the icing on the cake is, what our customers think? Just take a look at recent Trustpilot reviews. 

No Waste, Nothing Hidden, Just Pure Performance

So how does SKN-RG create these incredible products? In 2011 the founders Deborah and Robert came up with an ingenious way of getting far more benefit out of the plant than the rest of the industry, most of which continue to buy in bulk, use harsh heat, degrading cold processed or solvents.

By using our Quanta Extraction Method, we are able to extract the whole plant benefit in house and create fresh, potent products that do not rely on liquid plastics to make the skin feel nice, or load with salts (EDTA) or alcohol to drive the product in deeper.  Or pack products with multiple extracts from different companies each containing different preservatives including Phenoxyethanol which is disallowed under the Soil Association. Instead, we were able to reinvent skincare and take the world of organic, vegan and natural into a new era. And it all began in 2011…..

Inspired by medical science we created a machine akin to a sonic toothbrush. We took whole organic plant pieces rather than the obligatory skincare industry “tea cut” and began extracting in our secret method using powerful vibrations, as the node virbates it gently collapses the plant cell releasing the whole plant benefit. And in 2017 we were awarded Government Technology and University awards for what we had created; which we call today Quanta®.

Quanta® is unique; there is only one of her in the entire world, how do I know because my husband and I built it.

Now all you have to do is believe.
With Love

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