Why Your Skins Acid Mantle Is Key To Skin Youthfulness

As expert therapists, we have a deep understanding and extensive training in the function of the skin.

It's interesting to think that a layer of your skin can be so crucial. Still, this thin film that sits on the surface is your first defence between your skin's health and youthfulness. A vital layer that prevents pollutants and bacteria from causing havoc.

As expert therapists, we have a deep understanding and extensive training in the function of the skin. We understand what it needs and what you desire = healthy, youthful skin. So how do we achieve this?

We need to examine 3 basic factors that have a significant influence on the skin. 

  1. what you use on your skin
  2. your age
  3. inherent precursors (do you already suffer from a skin condition?)

Each one of these three areas can have an incredible effect on the skin. 

Cleansers can change the pH of the skin

Cleansers can change the pH of the skin, in turn damaging its acid mantel. Depending on the severity, the return to normality of the skin can take a few hours. Still, over long term usage, the condition can worsen, and the skin can take longer to return to its natural pH.

Essential products to use would be gentle ones that do not use harsh cleansing elements. Also, opting for a soap-free cleanser like SKN-RG Organics Super Rich Creme Cleanser or Cleansing Ritual will give you all the benefits of cleansing without the harshness of SLS or soaps.

Does age make a difference?

As our skin ages, our pH becomes higher so using a product that is soap-free, and gentle is vital as it can cause severe dryness and reactiveness, opting for omega-rich elements found in our Super Rich Creme Cleanser is like having a blanket enveloping each cell.

Toners Can Rebelance Your Skin But Ensure They Are Botanical Ones And Alcohol Free

Toners can help balance the pH of your skin, but only if they are botanical. For example, our SKN-RG Cellular Balance Toner.

Steer clear of micellular waters and things that claim they are of a simple nature as they can still contain PEGS and harsh actives and skin clogging elements. If you are not sure, ask us, and we can help you discover what you need to give you the best results.

Discover Your New Best Friend Ceramides

For instant restoration, then SKN-RG c3 Ceramide clinical daily moisturiser won't leave you disappointed. This is the latest innovation from SKN-RG. And will improve not only your acid mantel but give your lipids a boost. The result = fast track to youthful, healthy skin.

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