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As expert therapists we understand your skin. We understand your wants and needs  – incredible clean formulas that deliver.

Deb Scott


Our story begins on the beautiful English coast amidst the tidal salt marsh. It is from here that we create skincare inspired by nature, born from purity and built to perform.

Expert therapists our founders have curated the finest plant-based clinical actives to give you the ultimate therapeutic benefit. Using sophisticated medicinal plants called Adaptogens, your skin can now have the ability to rejuvenate in a new way.

Adaptogens can help us in a world where modern life is full of deadlines and demands, finding ourselves continuously under stress. Adaptogens hold the key to reducing the signs of stress. By calming the skin cells, our supercomplexes can be delivered to give you what you need when you need it most. Powerful formulas that deliver.


Each product that we create for you begins an incredible journey. First, we create a potent herbal complex which is then placed into our Quanta® Machine. The Quanta® machine pulses electrical signals and sound waves through the complex which in turn allows for the full benefit of the plant to be released.

Expertly blended with key anti-ageing clinical actives including: Plankton = Blue Light Pollution Defence, Lactobacillus = Probiotic, Plant Stem Cells = Lifting and Firming and Kombucha = a powerful skin resurfacer, Fruit Ferments and Enzymes = retexturising and purifying.

Fused with superior oils to give incredible nourishment our favourites include: Sacha Inchi = more potent than Rosehip Oil, Bacuri = a key cell energiser and CloudBerry = a potent vitamin C arctic berry.

All our products are Vegan Society Approved, look out for our Organic Certified Range. This has been our incredible journey now it is time for you to begin yours with SKN-RG.


1 Mindful “Clean” Results

The word “Clean, Organic & Natural” are probably some of the most misused words in skincare. Without validation, we feel these words are worthless. We know our skincare is clean because we put ourselves through rigorous auditing. We never use our own logos, only those that are recognised throughout the world as trusted symbols of authenticity.

We use the word “clean and organic” knowing that we never compromise and will always use animal-free, organic and natural ingredients.

We offer products that deliver what you need when you need it most. Our pioneering technology offers luxurious regimes that work beyond the surface layers of the skin to tackle your concerns quickly and effectively without using questionable ingredients. Discover more about our top Dirty Dozen to avoid in skincare. 

We do not use PEG’s, Parabens, Siloxanes, Phenoxyethanol, Silicons, Vinyls Copolymers, Propelyn Glycol, SLS, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Parfum, Urea, Lanolin, Beeswax or Mineral Oils.

Experts in Organic Skincare we are proud to have won so many awards including: Winner Best Organic Range 2019 from Natural Health Awards | 5 awards for 2019 from The Beauty Shortlist | Winner Best Anti-Ageing Range 2019 | Winner Best Luxury Vegan Skincare Products 2019 | Best Luxury Vegan Skincare Specialist 2018 | Winner Best Vegan Brand 2018


The term SKN-RG was derived from the 2 words: SKIN and ENERGY. Our breakthrough formulas allows for vital energy to travel to where it is needed most, using only the cleanest vegan ingredients and clincal actives proven to perform. Why compromise?

3 Quanta® Technology

Each formulation begins an incredible journey. First, we create a potent herbal complex which is then placed into our Quanta® Machine. The Quanta® machine pulses electrical signals and sound waves through the complex which inturn allows the full benefit of the plant to be released evolving into a new form of cellular rejuvenation.

“Arguably the most obviously transformative and genuinely skin-energising brand on the market, SKN-RG’s proprietary Quanta Technology is the brilliant breakthrough secret” Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018.

4 Where Do I Begin?

As expert therapists we understand that the skin is constantly changing, our ranges have been created to help you through these changes. With a philosopy rooted in research and development we have created award winning regimes that can take your skincare to another level.


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