Waterless Bamboo Collection

Brilliant BAMBOO


Bamboo is an amazing material, kinder on you, kinder to the planet. With UV and water-resistant properties, it makes the ideal material to encase and hold our new WATERLESS COLLECTION.

Potent, active and with % water this collection comes with all the right sustainable and eco-credentials, yet incorporates SKN-RG's fusion of being vegan, organic and natural + science. You can feel great about wearing the Waterless range and be kinder to the planet. When you have finished the product why not upcycle your packaging and use it again? Or pop it in the compost for the bamboo to go back to the earth and recycle the glass. "Bamboo is fast-growing, with less water usage and no pesticides or preservatives and no drain on precious water, all you need to do is discover how this range can work for you". Natural, Organic and Vegan"

SKN-RG CEO Head Facialist & Trainer Deborah Scott