What Is Vegan Skincare?

In general, vegans will follow a diet free of meat and animal by-products such as dairy. Much like these dietary lifestyle changes, vegan skincare like SKN-RG's also foregoes animal-derived ingredients when formulating products. So why did SKN-RG choose to be a plant-based-animal-free skincare range?

Deborah Scott, the Co-Founder of SKN-RG, explains, "There are many high performing plant-derived ingredients but often come with an expensive price tag. To us, the cost increase was not critical. Instead, creating something that is pure and performs was far more crucial.

Our emphasis became: purity - performance - ethics.

There are lots of products out there, and sometimes their creation or terms are not always clear. So we offer a clear choice displaying exactly which products are validated, by who and how they are created, and with what ingredients without hiding behind a lot of jargon. But as I have clarified to many of my clients, just because a company touts Vegan does not mean it is synthetic-free, and that's where SKN-RG stands in a class of their own.

You see, we believe you can have plant-based skincare that performs and comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect (I don't want to overuse the word Vegan, Organic and Natural as it's become such an overused term, even the "clean beauty" arena is currently coming under fire).

What you can be sure of is that SKN-RG is a Plant-Based skincare brand that aims to give you clinical results".


SKN-RG Plant Based Performance Skincare
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