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SPAS TREATMENTS | Vegan Organic, Why Compromise?

Experience SKN-RG Vegan Organic Facials
Working beyond the layers of the skin.

Imagine if you could decrease and reset the essential elements that contribute to the signs of ageing and stress?

Introducing SKN-RG facials. Developed by the founders, SKN-RG facials reach beyond the layers of the skin, providing what you need, where you need it most.

Using a unique system SKN-RG brings balance and harmony within the energies of each of the Five Elements, Chakras and Nadis. Each used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) an ancient system proven to give incredible results.

The precise product application and SKN-RG Pro Touch techniques impart vitality, energy while increasing skin resilience.

Each product harnesses Quanta® energised actives and once applied on to the skin using the Expert application reaches on a far deeper level, increasing the bodies life force or “Chi” of the body, giving outstanding results that last.

SKN-RG cater for all skin types, offering bespoke treatments aligned to your needs. Each SKN-RG Facial uses a new generation of facelift massage, interpreting the practices of Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, Pilates and Acupressure, creating the ultimate Vegan Organic Facial combined with high-quality precious gemstones; Rose Quartz, Jade and Crystal Quartz.

Discover how SKN-RG is making history.

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Organics Age Defying Luxurious Facial (certified organic and vegan facial) for dry, fragile and sensitive skin.

Advanced Targeted Anti-Ageing Facial cutting edge – High in clinically proven actives with high emphasis on purity and performance using natural and organic ingredients Certified by The Vegan Society

Eye Definition Anti-Ageing Treatment – Combine these with our new eye treatment and you have the best; Vegan, Performance Organic and Natural Daily and Treatment Regime. Using both certified Organic, Natural and Vegan products.

SKN-RG Wave *Expert Spa Outlets Only – suitable for all skin types – release date Autumn 2018

All of SKN-RG products and treatments are suitable for him and her.