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Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free SKN-RGIn today’s world SKN-RG believe that substantiated claims are vital as not all skincare products live up to there labels. Its easy to think that a product would meet the requirements for a person who is Vegan but unless that specific formulation has been checked and audited by experts in the field how can you be sure?

A few years ago SKN-RG became a Vegan Society Approved brand offering a complete range of pure, performance based products we where the first complete Vegan Performance Skincare ranges. But why is being a Vegan product so important. There are so many benefits to incorporating a Vegan lifestyle into your every day routine but SKN-RG’s research identified that “animal by products” are not as effective nor readily absorbed by the skins system than our active botanicals.

Discover what it means to be approved under The Vegan Society
– Free from all animal ingredients and by products inc; honey, beeswax and dairy
– Stands-up for the rights of animals
– Many ingredients can be derived from animal or plant. The Vegan Society assures only plant based animal friendly ingredients are used.
– Ingredients harvested by animals are checked to ensure high living standards.

The Vegan Society avoid exploiting animals for any purpose, with compassion being a key reason why many choose a Vegan lifestyle. SKN-RG choose to be Vegan for clinical reasons, as our research has demonstrated to us that animal by-products in beauty products cannot be processed by the body efficiently.
Want to know more? Visit The Vegan Society website now and discover the complete range of SKN-RG Vegan Products