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Marie Claire Magazine


Snippet: "Healthy Hollywood have been banging on about fermented food for ages: sauerkraut, kombucha (in tea) and kimchi. They are all proven to aid digestion in the gut as fermenting food in saltwater encourages the growth of good bacteria, it also creates B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial enzymes making food more nutrient-dense than in its unfermented state. This is beneficial for our skin too as the healthiness of our gut is directly linked to the clearness of our skin. When applied to creams, something similar occurs....

SKN-RG announced Winner Best Soil Association Certified Organic Range


Snippet: "SKN-RG wins Best Soil Association Certified Organic Range of the year. At Natural Health Magazine we wanted to celebrate the brand and Organic Septemeber.  What is Organic September? Hosted by the Soil Association – the UK’s largest organic certification body – Organic September is a month-long campaign and celebration to encourage an organic way of living."

SKN-RG wins best certified organic range

Warpaint Magazine The Attracta Beauty Awards SKN-RG Wins with Flash Balm


Snippet: "Founded by Attracta Courtney in 2014, the Attracta Beauty Awards are the only one conducted by an internationally renowned make-up artist making them a first within the industry.  They began from her desire to share professional insider knowledge and start a conversation around what makes the best beauty products in the industry.  Each year she invites a panel of professional artists to join her to judge all the product entries and put them through their paces and this year there’s a new addition with a Sustainability Award included for the first time.

SKN-RG warpaint magazine

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