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The SKN-RG Experts

SKN-RG Expert & Head Therapist: Katie Anne McCord

Top question: “What can I use on my skin to get the best results?”
Introducing the NEW revamped Cellular Renewal Exfoliant, Advanced Brightening Moisturiser and Eye Elixir from the SKN-RG Advance Range!!!

So everyone knows I’m into fitness and with this you have to support your body, one supplement most important being BCAAs (branched chain amino acids), fundamentally the building blocks to your body!

The amazing SKN-RG team has taken this on board to utilise on the body as well as within. Makes perfect sense and with this has formulated THE best range ever! If you are looking for results around the eyes or to pep up your skin and slough away dullness then try these.

My top 3 picks for incredible skin are:
Cellular Renewal Exfoliant | Advanced Brightening Moisturiser | Eye Elixir

About Katie:

Katie Anne Mccord is an expert facialist, having worked with some of the biggest names in skincare including Dermalogic, Caci, and SKN-RG. As SKN-RG’s leading head therapist, Katie brings a wealth of expertise to SKN-RG and to you. Discover her top tips brought to you via the #SKN-RGexpert blog.