Since we began over a decade ago, we have helped clients reshape their regimes. We have made the impossible - possible using nature + science to create purity and performance.

Deborah Scott explains, "I find it interesting that in a world of technological advancement that the process of how skincare is made has remained the same, yet there are so many more possibilities. When we created SKN-RG, we created a professional skincare range that performs using the power of nature and science. Our ideas left behind standard practices, such as using questionable ingredients. It also left behind empty promises, creating a new form of skincare that lives up to its labels and claims.

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Created, designed and perfected by the founders. Each product makes its way to you from their innovation laboratory, located on the picturesque marsh coastline of Essex, England. Where the tide brings new inspiration daily. Nestled between areas of outstanding natural beauty, it is here that the SKN-RG Story has inspired a new generation of skincare, continuously pushing the bar of what is impossible to the possible.


The Founders of SKN-RG Skincare

Quanta® Technology - The Vital Energy Of Plants

Quanta® is our specialist technology that uses sound and light to gently vibrate the botanicals. As the power intensifies the botanical cells gently collapse to release the full energy of the botanical in turn delivering pure skin energy.



SKN-RG Story Founders Deborah And Robert Scott



Our founders have developed and devoted their time to creating the most exquisite formulas using the power of nature and science. As part of their philosophy, they emphasise developing premium and effective regimes that give you complete skin confidence.


Deborah Scott Discover The SKN-RG Story


Set apart from thousands of skincare products, SKN-RG is proud to place our products forward to industry expert judging panels. With over 78 awards and with more and more brands emerging, it makes our awards feel even more humbling.

SKN-RG are proud to be placed by judges as winners. So what does being at the top mean? Purity in our formulations, external validation, groundbreaking technology and performance are just a few of the areas we are proud to have as our ethos.


SKN-RG The Ultimate Professional Handbook

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