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For over a decade, we have worked with clients in our clinic and trained therapists worldwide, helping them achieve their skin health goals. We are proud to have empowered them through our expert knowledge of product formulas, treatment techniques and regimes offering an alternative that gives absolute purity with enviable results.

In 2009 we built our eco laboratory. Our emphasis was to give the skin a new lease of life-giving you results you can feel and see. And what do we all need in the core of our very being? Energy, and as we followed this process, we came to a moment of clarity as to what the secret ingredient was? Of course, the answer was “energy”, and at that moment, SKN-RG Skin + Energy was born.

Individual Formulas, Unique Like You – The Vital Energy Of Plants

As a scientist I felt the need to delve into every element of the creation, from

The seed

The plant

The harvest

The drying

The extraction process

As SKN-RG’s head formulator, I enjoy making the impossible – possible. Pushing boundaries is my absolute joy. Creating pure products that speak volumes when on the skin. Our innovation has created a new form of skincare that performs and is full of nutrition.

Over a decade ago, my husband and I discovered a way to extract the vital energy of plants. What we created was the world’s first light and sound extraction chamber. Its technology was so inspirational we won British government innovation awards for the technology we created.

We extracted over 450 different botanicals using our invention. We had created a new gentle way of extracting the plant’s vital energy and encasing it – “the perfect way to supercharge your skin cells”.  As we examined the differences, we saw that Quanta® had produced a high calibre potentised botanical extract, and as we tested its effectiveness in our clinic, the results were incredible. In 2014, we received a prestigious British government award and Essex University award for the new technology we had created. It is one of my proudest “life” moments.

Discover SKN-RG Smarter Formulas high performance plant based skincare for every day care

You would believe the amount of plastic that is hiding in your skincare. Not only harmful for you but washed down the drain harmful for the environment.

Organic and Natural Plant-Active Skincare

All Our Products contain Organic Certified Ingredients. We are 100% plant-active skincare. Many years of research, in turn, created different collections to tackle modern concerns, each with unique and powerful Quanta® extracts. You can use the collections as a “step-up” moving from Organics or mixing between the ranges we create for our Organics range using certified organic ingredients. We echo this across our entire brand.

Organics – “became the” Stress Care Collection

Evolution – Skin Rehabilitation Collection

Advanced – Advanced Anti-Ageing Collection

Men’s Grooming – specialist care for male grooming including ingrowing hairs, razor rash, sensitivity.

Altitude Body – designed to elevate your body care to a higher altitude.


Organics was the medicinal herbal Collection created with increasing the skins biome with both Pre and probiotics but keys herbs known to alleviate stressed hormonally changing skin. For example, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Angelica, Asparagus, Evening Primrose, Gingseng each product in Organics has a medicinal complex of 8 or more herbs and a swath of premium organic oils.


Evolution is our latest Collect and features modern clinical actives, including ceramides, plankton and new plant retinol that gives incredible restoration while repels damaging pollutants and varying types of blue light. But its basis is in skin rehabilitation with special ferments and actives that are the pinnacle of our knowledge, and it shows with multiple awards and accolades already.


Advanced fuses the medicinal with the clinical effortlessly. It is potent in gentle herbs that give that support and wellness, but in terms of collagen elastin anti-ageing, it’s packed with clinical actives to give results fast.

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