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SKN-RG “the” 5th Generation Of Skincare



Skincare Beyond The Layers Of The Skin



Your skin, body and wellness are at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to release your skins true potential without compromising on using questionable ingredients, our desire is pure – incredible formulas that deliver.

Clinical Actives

Everything we do is substantiated by rigorous independent auditing or clinical testing. We create formulas that are more than a mixture of plant-derived molecules and anti-ageing actives. Instead, we choose to select ingredients that are science-backed and independently audited. Once integrated into our formulas SKN-RG’s actual power to rejuvenate, heal and restore take place. Discover the history of SKN-RG.

Visible, Proven Results Without Compromise

Our in-house crafted formulas come with an enormous list of “avoided” ingredients and a huge list of “wants” because we know you want performance without sitting on the skin with an overpowering aroma. This list of “wants” wouldn’t be possible without a breakthrough. And our breakthrough came with immense creativity and a deep understanding of blending science and nature, our discovery was Quanta® Technology.


Performance Skinwear

Our regime is results driven, offering products to suit every need. Through the use of pioneering technology we offer “the” most luxurious regime that works beyond the surface layers of the skin to tackle your concerns quickly and effectively.

Winner Luxury Vegan Skincare Specialist 2018 and Winner Best Vegan Brand 2018


The term SKN-RG was derived from the 2 words: SKIN and ENERGY. Our breakthrough formulas allows for vital energy to travel through to where its needed most. The result allows for the skin to re-boot, re-calibrate and heal.

Quanta® Technology

The SKN-RG secret lies in our pioneering technology which uses sound and light energy pulses. This extraordinary pulsing chamber called Quanta ® penetrates our fermentations, vibrating, energising and increasing their effectiveness.  
To each nutrient rich ferment, we add precious oils and essential elements including clinically proven actives. Award winning our Quanta® chamber uses vast specturm light and sound waves over a period of time. Once completed our fermentations are charged with renewing energy which is transformed into potent products, unlocking new posibilitys for your skin.
The development of Quanta® was so succesful that in 2014 we received the prestigious British Government & University Award “Innovation 50” for developing this state-of-the-art technology. 
“Arguably the most obviously transformative and genuinely skin-energising brand on the market, SKN-RG’s proprietary Quanta Technology is the brilliant breakthrough secret” Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018.

Power of Nature

SKN-RG has created a simple and powerful regime that goes beyond the layers of the skin. Each ingredient is chosen for its superior purity, uniqueness, remarkable properties and of course efficiency, expertly blended by hand to deliver to you exceptional results.

Discover Our Advanced Anti-Ageing Vegan Complete Skincare Regime

Pure Energy Infusion

Intensive Restoration

Discover Our Certified Organic And
Vegan Skincare Range

Pure Energy Infusion

Intensive Repair

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