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As expert therapists we understand your skin. We understand your wants and needs  – incredible clean formulas that deliver.

Pictured Deborah Scott Co-Founder SKN-RG


From the beginning SKN-RG knew that if the skin had energy it could overcome fatigue, stress and the signs of ageing enabling you to look good and feel great. And so skin-energy “skn-rg” was born.

Created, designed and built by the founders, SKN-RG’s Quanta® Technology is the only one of its kind, made by husband and wife team Deborah & Robert Scott.

Both therapists and skin experts Deborah and Robert recognised the power of many cosmetology machines and how they used wave forms and ultra low frequency’s to reduce fatigue. Their approach was genius, instead of creating a machine to boost the skin they made an advanced machine to turbocharge their skincare products, giving you incredible energised formulas in your every day routine.

Winners of Government Innovation INNOVATION 50 for their Quanta® Technology 

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Since 2011 SKN-RG has been at the forefront of modern skincare. Our sophisticated technology has enabled us to energise specially selected botanicals, each hand harvested at the pinnacle moment, delivered to us by our Organic British* Growers in their optimum form to undergo a transformation. 

*where possible


1  Clean Beauty

Our regime is clean and results driven. We offer products to suit every need. Through the use of pioneering technology we offer “the” most luxurious regime that works beyond the surface layers of the skin to tackle your concerns quickly and effectively. 

5 awards for 2019 from The Beauty Shortlist | Winner Best Anti-Ageing Range 2019 | Winner Best Luxury Vegan Skincare Products 2019 | Best Luxury Vegan Skincare Specialist 2018 | Winner Best Vegan Brand 2018


The term SKN-RG was derived from the 2 words: SKIN and ENERGY. Our breakthrough formulas allows for vital energy to travel to where it is needed most, using only the cleanest ingredients and actives that perform. 

Quanta® Technology

SKN-RG’s power lies in our pioneering technology. Supercharged by light and sound the herbal extracts begin a journey of energisation, it is this unique energy that evolves into a “new form” of extract.

To each potent formulation, we combine pure energised botanicals, precious oils and superior clinically proven actives.  Once expertly blended, each product contains an advanced form of rejuvenation, unlocking new possibilities for your skin.

“Arguably the most obviously transformative and genuinely skin-energising brand on the market, SKN-RG’s proprietary Quanta Technology is the brilliant breakthrough secret” Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018.

Power of Nature

SKN-RG has created a powerful regime embracing the new dawn of holistic lifestyle that goes beyond the layers of the skin. Each ingredient is chosen for its superior purity, uniqueness, remarkable properties and of course efficiency, delivered to you with exceptional results.

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Pure Energy Infusion

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