Blue Light Is It Really A Thing?

Effects of Blue Light Ageing

So if you are serious about premature skin ageing, then read on... recent studies conducted by more and more experts are confirming that protection from UVA & UVB is no longer enough. It's essential that you protect yourself from the sun but also digital devices as well. Dubbed "silent agers", Deborah Scott, co CEO of SKN-RG Skincare, began looking into Blue Light Ageing several years ago. Presented with clients in her clinic that displayed concerns around several types of pigmentation, darkness around the eyes and increased line and wrinkle depth; Yet, they were spending little or no time in direct sunlight.

Deborah Scott explains, "If you consider that the average millennials check their phones around 50-100 times per day, that's a significant increase in blue light that you would not normally receive through being in sunlight alone. Quite literally, that is the equivalent of spending 15 minutes in the full sun in summer with no protection". 



SKn-RG Evolution Skincare

Blue Light, also referred to as High Energy Visible Light, can penetrate more deeply, in fact, all the way down into our dermis where collagen and elastin live. Inturn creating more profound, more prominent lines and deep-set wrinkles. It's simply not enough to just apply sunscreen.

Specific concerns such as melasma, hyperpigmentation and brown spots on the skin can become highly prominent as screen time increases. Sometimes the effect of the blue light may not be apparent straight away, the damage being accumulative, but this is only what we see in our skin. On a grander scale, the body's system is impacted too, leading to poor sleep cycles, disrupting your cells natural rhythm called circadian rhythm throwing your system out of alignment.

So does Blue Light Skincare really work? "There are many different types and it is important to look for actives that are clinically proven to shield rather than formulas "packed with X or "potent antioxidants" as really there no difference to other antioxidant serums," says Debroah Scott. "It is important to look for protective skincare as featured in our new collection Evolution® and Evolution Treatments® through our clinics and outlets, which have been specifically formulated to address blue light ageing.


"blue-light protection is a must within skin-care routines,

especially if you spend a lot of time in front of digital devices."

Evolution is the latest skincare innovation that was discovered by Deborah and Robert Scott founders of the highly acclaimed SKN-RG Skincare that offers plant-based formulas that perform. Their special form of plankton, in response to harmful Blue Light rays, grew its own Diamond Shield around itself, which allows beneficial light to pass yet blocks harmful rays and pollutants. On launching the range has won several awards including winner of best skincare innovation.



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