John Wharff: What drove you to find an alternative way to extract plants?

Deborah Scott: Over a decade ago, my husband and I began examining the process of how skincare is made and realised it had remained the same for centuries. From apothecary tinctures fashioned into oils or alcohol and botanicals to make macerations. Could an alternative be the answer to a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion?


John Wharff: Wow, that's impressive. Where was your inspiration from?

Deborah Scott: In 2009, while my husband and I were at University, we had the opportunity to work with frequency equipment. This pinnacle moment allowed us to explore its power once again. So many medical machines use frequency or sound waves, for example, UltraSound or MRI scanners.

Our journey into the unknown was fascinating; we explored how specific plants were grown, down to the seed and even the plant genetics. We grew some plant species according to biodynamic farming on our land, allowing us to examine its growth. As we continued, we investigated alternative extracting methods and could not find a technology that matched our requirements. So we created Quanta Technology. Our exclusive technology allowed us to extract optimised supercharged botanicals which laid the pathway for cell energisation.

In 2014 our Quanta technology won British Government Innovation Awards and outstanding recognition from our local Essex University. We had created the world's first Quanta® extraction technology.

Pictured Deborah & Robert Scott

Founders of SKN-RG® & Quanta® Technology Inventors

John Wharff: Once you created the Quanta® Botanical Extraction Method, what did you do next? How did you know it was a good fit for the skincare industry?

Deborah Scott: As an industry expert therapist and formulator, I could see first-hand what a profound difference our Quanta® technology had made to my skin but also to our client's skin. The skin actually looked as if "it was lit from within", with newfound energy - pure SKIN ENERGY, and this is where the name for SKN-RG comes from.

We wanted to give our clients the optimum benefit, and Quanta gave us the ability to create potent products that could adapt depending upon the skin needs creating a more refined, intelligent skincare. We then fuse Quanta® with the most exquisite organic oils, cutting edge "clinically proven" plant actives while giving consumers confidence in our products with our external validators, including; The Soil Association, The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free.

Quanta Technology an interview with SKN-RG Head of Social Media John Wharff

John Wharff Head of Social Media

John Wharff: wow that is incredible. What role does this play in your life?

Deborah Scott: Vibration is around us, all the time, you may not be able to touch it or hear it, but it has a physical presence. It has immense power; in fact, many medical machines today like Ultrasound uses sound waves. Sound has the power to transform and can heal, inspire, and even enlighten.

I have always loved sound, whether it be through beautiful music or the gentle sound of nature. I can see why I feel so connected as if I were born to do this, born to have this deep understanding.

When I became a Buddhist student many years ago, my understanding of the power of sound deepened. In every mantra I spoke, I began to understand that it wasn't the words that created an incredible sense of "wellness" in me, but the sound or should I say the "frequency*" of the words created the resonance through my body.

I had many an "Ah Ha" moment during meditation at the local Buddhist Centre. And this was a major factor in the inspiration of Quanta®. How can one recreate specific resonances consistently? The answer was Quanta®.

*"Sound moves through a medium such as air or water as waves. It is measured in terms of frequency and amplitude. Frequency, sometimes referred to as pitch, is the number of times per second that a sound pressure wave repeats itself".


SKN-RG Quanta Sound and Light Sono Extraction Method

John Wharff: What tests have you performed using the ultrasonic waves?

Deborah Scott: Having the privilege of our own clinic, we were able to engage with our clients to perform in house testing. We did so over 8 week period. We created sets of products that were identical. Our client base did not know which set they were getting first. Halfway through their usage, we swapped their products, at the end of the testing, the results were incredible, confirming our theory that our Quanta® Technology was more beneficial.


SKN-RG Skincare Clinics

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