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Quanta® The Power Of Ultrasonic Technology

I sat down with Deborah Scott, Co-Founder & CEO of SKN-RG Skincare to learn more about the award-winning Quanta® Technology "Ultrasonic Extraction" Method.


John Wharff: What drove you to find an alternative way to extract plants?

Deborah Scott: Over a decade ago we looked out across a sea of skincare and what we found where commonplace methods, we  began to question these methods and through years of research my husband and I deconstructed the world of skincare to give incredible rejuvenation. Through our unique process we where able to capture the optimum benefits of the plant without using commonplace methods that relied on high heat, drawn-out processes and harsh solvents, each, in turn, reducing the valuable elements contained within the plant. These processes can damage and even destroy the plant's medicinal benefits.


John Wharff: Wow, that's a massive list of problems to solve. Where did you look for answers?

Deborah Scott: In 2009, my husband and I were at University working with frequency also known as "sound and light waves". During that year, my husband and I built our own "Eco-Laboratory" on our land, powered by green energy and solar. Nestled between areas of outstanding beauty and the most stunning Marshlands on the Essex Coast. We created unique technology inspired by our work at University and our incredible surroundings.  This would form the foundation of our incredible skincare.

We called the machine Quanta® derived from a physics term for "radiant energy". Our pioneering technology used Ultrasonic Waves. The node placed inside the botanical vibrates at super-speed causing the plant cell to collapse allowing the full plant benefit to be released. In 2014 our technology was met with British Government Innovation Awards and outstanding recognition from our local universities. We had created the world's first sonic extraction well before the CBD industry, and "Ultra Sonic Technology" had begun.

Pictured Deborah & Robert Scott

Founders of SKN-RG® & Quanta® Technology Inventors

John Wharff: Once you created the Quanta® Botanical Extraction Method, what did you do next? How did you know it was a good fit for the skincare industry?

Deborah Scott: As an industry expert therapist, I could see first hand what a profound difference our Quanta® technology had made to our client's skin. The skin actually looked as if "it was lit from within", with newfound energy… pure SKIN ENERGY, and this is where the name for SKN-RG comes from.

We wanted to give our clients the optimum benefit from our products. We began to fuse Quanta® with cutting edge clinical approved actives to give consumers absolute confidence that they are buying a product that works. Each effortlessly addressing their concern, enabling them to step through our collections to achieve incredible benefits.

Quanta® uses a range of frequency waves. This gentle process captures the optimum benefit of the precious plant bioactive, held until released on the skin. Through the years, we continue to work closely with traditional organic growers and harvesters selecting plants with exceptional powers.

Our green technology uses the power of nature to create a cleaner, greener, solvent-free extraction process that is fresh and healthier; kinder to you and kinder to the planet.

SKN-RG Head of Social Media John Wharff

John Wharff Head of Social Media

John Wharff: Ultrasonic being able to extract botanicals is very interesting. What role does this play in your life?

Deborah Scott: Vibration is around us, all the time, you may not be able to touch it or hear it, but it has a physical presence. It has immense power; in fact, many medical machines today like Ultrasound uses sound waves. Sound has the power to transform and can heal, inspire, and even enlighten.

I have always loved sound, whether it be through beautiful music or the gentle sound of nature. I can see why I feel so connected as if I were born to do this, born to have this deep understanding. When I became a Buddhist student many years ago, my understanding of the power of sound deepened. In every mantra I spoke I began to understand that it wasn't the words that created an incredible sense of being in me, but the sound of the words which created the resonance that waved through my body. And this is where my first inspiration came from.


SKN-RG Quanta Sound and Light Sono Extraction Method

John Wharff: What tests have you performed using the ultrasonic waves?

Deborah Scott: Having the privilege of our own clinic, we were able to engage our client base to perform in house testing. We did so over 4 weeks. We created sets of products that were identical. Our client base did not know which set they were getting first. Halfway through their usage, we swapped their products, at the end of the testing, the results were incredible, confirming our theory that Quanta® extraction was more beneficial.

To prove our theory, we began comparing extracts in our laboratory under our microscopes, witnessing that there was a defined difference between the botanicals extracted with Quanta® and those that had not.

SKN-RG's philosophy places great emphasis on creating plant-based high tech products that are pure and results-driven. It is an easy thing to say with so many brands out there. But SKN-RG is genuinely exceptional, and this shows through our awards, spas, and salons that partner with us to offer the same incredible products and treatments that we do.


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