Debs Scott Co-Founder talks about getting nutty in the lab.

“Here in the SKN-RG laboratory, we often turn things on their head, looking for an alternative way to boost topical input to create the desired outcome. In this case, we wanted to produce a pure protein product. The only questions was how in a plant-based, vegan way that’s 100% organic? (Nothing like setting a high bar!).

The answer was NUTS! Not in a crazy way, but in the edible yummy kind. Here at SKN-RG HQ, you will often find us chowing down on a lovely nutritious snack full of Protein in the form of nuts. And there it was, the AH-HA moment. The question was, which nuts? And therein its own right laid a pathway of months of in house testing and refining”.

“Interestingly, there are some nuts that have specific attributes, and the specific attributes we were looking for was those that gave “muscle to collagen fibres”. But, again, I love setting us challenging tasks, so we at the SKN-RG innovation team set about becoming totally nutty about nuts for months!”

“What we discovered is that Brazil Nuts are super rich in Selenium which protects from free radicals as well as speeding cell turnover and they are super potent in antioxidants. As we began selecting and choosing different nut extracts, Hazelnut, Macadamia, Walnut, Tiger Nut a legume, we discovered that we had created the purest super nut protein complex. Now it’s your turn to experience the Ah too. Try using Pro Oil Concentrate at the end of the day after cleansing”.

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