Plastic Free

As the war on plastic continues so does our commitment to offer you a product that is safe, recyclable and create a regime that is greener without compromising on performance. At each step, every product is carefully thought out, from our incredible formulations, through to the manufacturing process, our suppliers, product filling and dispatch to your door.

So let's look at the what SKN-RG is doing to create a greener regime:

    • All our packaging is approved under both the Soil Association and The Vegan Society offering clean, PVC free and animal-free products.


    • Our new Waterless range offers compostable ethical bamboo that separates from the glass and parts to then be recycled.


    • Delivery of your goods: From Corn Starch Noodles to Cardboard Outers and Recycled Card Packaging we offer you an alternative ethical packaging system which offers both compostable bamboo and kit bags, glass and Airless Technology each recyclable through your local system.


    • Our packaging is approved under the soil association and vegan society and does not contain any “non-recyclable parts”, PVC or “single-use plastic”, each part can be placed into your recycling; plastic into plastic, aluminium into metal and glass into glass. We work hard to ensure we do not use any “single-use plastic”, but of course it is paramount to us that the products are safe for you to use and offer long term solutions for your skin.


    • We now offer a new range called Waterless, which is water-free, glass and bamboo and can be placed in the compost to break down.


    • No More Cotton; as it becomes even more apparent the burden of cotton production on the environment we have chosen to stop using and recommending muslin cloths instead, we now use reusable ethically sourced bamboo pads.


    • Plastic Free Formulations: Many self-care products can contain a form of “liquid plastic”, types of vinyl, copolymers and the list goes on and on, watch out for these they can come in many different disguises, bad for your skin and the environment, which when washed down the sink continue to pollute and cause environmental damage. At SKN-RG, we only use plant-derived gelling agents that are beneficial for the skin creating a 360-degree friendly product that is also sea friendly.


    • Where are we going from here? Our products offer a clear choice in what you are buying, professional formulations, ethical, long-lasting and recyclable. We are continually looking into ways to improve, and at present, we are looking into compostable refills. As an innovative company, we are continuously looking into alternatives regularly on all levels as to how we can improve and offer more plastic-free choices and lessen our carbon footprint even our manufacturing unit uses solar and green chemistry.


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