Plant Retinol


Debs Scott co-founder of SKN-RG Skincare reveals why Plant Retinol is the miracle ingredient “the must-have in your beauty tool bag”:

“My client’s top question in the clinic; “What’s your best product?”

Our latest plant hero Bakuchiol is “the” new plant retinol that’s backed by science. That’s right, backed by science! The magic of Bakuchiol is that any skin type can use it. Even Acne, Dry, Sensitive, you name it. It is “the” solution for those wanting anti-ageing results without typical Retinol irritation”.

In 2018 a study (just click to read) published in the British Journal of Dermatology demonstrated that Bakuchiol and Retinol are comparable. In particular, its ability to improve signs of skin ageing and that it is better tolerated than the synthetic Retinol counterpart.

Over 12 weeks, 44 patients were asked to apply either 0.5 per cent bakuchiol cream twice daily or 0.5 per cent retinol cream every night. Researchers found that Retinol and Bakuchiol affected wrinkles and pigmentation similarly. Still, Bakuchiol resulted in less scaling, stinging, burning and itching and far more youthfulness.

With our multi-award-winning The Matrix (2020 and 2021), we teamed it with Amaranth Squalane high in protein and lysine, not the typical Olive Squalane. We then used amber extract that is rich in Succinic Acid that reduces blemishes and scarring. Combined with the most incredible smell (if only smell-o-vision was a thing, I would share it with you now).

When we trialled The matrix “in house” the performance did not disappoint, and when we sent it to our therapists to trial, they dubbed it “Liquid Gold”. All commented on how relaxed they felt after using it let alone how their skin looked. And finally, that relaxation is coming from our very special Zen Plankton active that is clinically proven to chill out skin cells. Anti-ageing and sensitive skin are tackled in one easy step.

The combination is the “SKN-RG difference”. It is the most luxurious feeling. You know, when you take in a deep breath and relax, you get those fantastic feelings? Imagine that in a few drops. Well, that’s how it makes me feel when I use it. So in answer, I love The Matrix, so do our therapists and we made it for you, so now it’s your turn to try it”.

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