Finding the right brand only to be told “your not big enough” can feel like a total letdown. I know I’ve been there too. As a qualified therapist, I have heard your stories and feel honoured to have worked with a range of experts like you who have blossomed into high street outlets, even luxury boutique spas.

We offer a range of startup kits that doesn’t break the bank, and our low MOQ on retail means you can concentrate on being your expert best to your clients. Not worrying all the time about huge startup costs or the costs associated with getting in new brands, let alone who is competing with you online. Some brands you can find everywhere, and that’s not what we do. You won’t find us on Amazon or Love Lula because we are a dedicated professional brand. Our plant-based skincare for therapists was designed for professionals like yourself. However, that doesn’t mean we scrimp on service or don’t offer the very best in qualified (FHT) training.

So why not call us today or email us to find out more about how we can support you.

SKN-RG Cleansing Ritual is Debs Scott's go to discover her favourite product that delivers a 5 in 1 action to cleanse, nourish, hydrate, and remove makeup.

BA (Hons), FdSc (Foundation Degree Science), BTEC Award in Education & Training (PTTLS).

– Nutritionist (Dip Level 3)

– Advanced Facialist, BABTAC Affiliate

– Accredited & Registered (FHT) Training Centre


SKN-RG Treatments – Plant-based British skincare for therapists and unrivalled treatments that feel incredible

So you’ve delved into us, and now you know a little about the SKN-RG Quanta USP (Unique Selling Point) and our plant-based skincare for therapists. But what about the treatments. Let me take you on a journey…..  Imagine if you could see inside the body and adjust and assist its health and vitality. What if you could achieve this and increase and balance the key elements to slow down or even reverse the signs of ageing? Well, that’s precisely how SKN-RG facials work, without giving too much of the magic away. We have a vault of precious goodies that you can access to take your training to the next level.

What about SKN-RG’s ingredients? Are there any nasties in there?

No, of course not. Our products are  100% plant-based high-performance range, and your clients will see and feel a difference. All of our certifications give you and your customers 100% customer satisfaction that the product they are using is what it is meant to be; pure, animal and cruelty-free. The list of what we don’t use is a long one, but to assure you, we do not use plastics, silicons, pegs, polymers, glycols, and the list goes on and on and on. What we do is select ingredients proven to address your clients concerns.

The benefit of SKN-RG

Is that you are buying directly from us. We are a family run business that is 100% passionate about all things skin, skin energy, skin revitalisation, rejuvenation, and the list goes on. We offer a complete approach with dedicated step up facial regimes and treatments and total body and Men’s grooming. Our formulas are created in house and are unique. You will not find anything like us, and our outlets and 70+ awards speak volumes.

SKN-RG Professional Marketing Packs, Display Material, Gift With Purchase, Online Training, its so easy…

We’ve created everything you need. It all comes delivered in easy to use packs that make life a whole lot simpler, giving you time to enjoy SKN-RG and what we offer.

PURE beauty that keeps performing

What can you expect from us?

SKN-RG is a family business, created with true passion and attention to detail and excellent customer service. We don’t outsource our products to be created and filled by others; instead, we create cutting edge botanicals “in-house” creating fresh extracts and select the finest clinical actives, then and only then, do we expertly blend them to create “the” product your client can depend on.

It is by coming from this point of view that we understand you and your business, your passion and your dreams helping you to make them become a reality. We are made in the UK, formulated in the UK and each formula is created by us never outsourced. We control every element so we can ensure what you receive is unique and every bit as special as you.

Plant-based skincare for therapists

To receive your SKN-RG  sample therapists pack* please contact us via email or call us on:

Call +44 (0) 1621 736382


Please ensure you supply your name, outlet name, full address, telephone number, mobile number and email for the courier.

*Please note there is a charge for the pack depending upon your needs.


Plant-based skincare for therapists

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