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The Treatments

Multi-award-winning SKN-RG® facials are the evolution of personal hands-on experience by Deborah Scott, expert facialist and Co-CEO of SKN-RG Skincare. With over 70 industry awards, including Best Certified Organic Range, 'Best Vegan Specialist 2018' and Best Vegan Brand 2018′. Each facial treatment is a unique experience tailored to meet your needs.

Fully bespoke, Deborah brings a wealth of expertise as SKN-RG's Lead Teacher Accredited by The Federation Of Holistic Therapists and a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology & (CEW). Deborah's extensive and expert knowledge delivers a range of effective face-lift and body treatments designed to achieve optimum results.

Deborah offers a range of treatments and level 3 + training, including her powerful signature SKN-RG Wave® (sound treatment) with state-of-the-art Quanta® technology and SKN-RG skincare; SKN-RG® facials deliver skin that "glows as if lit from within".

Deborah Scott SKN-RG Founder


Available at exclusive outlets, including Sen Spa in the New Forest & Marshall Hair & Beauty Ledbury.

The SKN-RG® Wave Facial developed by Deborah Scott is a unique treatment that uses the power of sound waves at different levels. First, by using unique curated auditory waves that travel through the body to increase vitality at a cellular level. 

Secondly, kinaesthetically by applying especially attuned tuning forks placed on specific acupressure points on the body and face, these can be felt as gentle vibration through the body, which imparts specific sound waves through the body to reduce areas that are out of kilter and increase a higher level of rejuvenation. And thirdly, cutting edge deep tissue facelift techniques combined with specific products from the SKN-RG range to tackle your concerns and impart a deep sense of alignment.

Our fully immersive treatment will balance areas out of kilter, calm and de-stress the mind, rejuvenate the skin and significantly reduce the ageing effect of 'telomeres'.

What are Telomers?

Telomeres are present in our DNA and act as the ageing clock in every cell. By calming the body, the ageing process can be slowed. SKN-RG's unique cutting-edge treatment is completely non-invasive, increasing and enhancing chi (otherwise known as life force). It gives you the ultimate whole-body experience.


It begins with 4 distinct processes: 

  • The SKN-RG® Frequency - It begins with a bespoke soundtrack that was specially created for the treatment. It incorporates "alpha" frequency inside meditative 'om' and similar Buddhist mantra to bring about calming of the mind, body and spirit.  


  • The SKN-RG® Sound - Uses state of the art tuning forks placed on the body and on the face. Each tuning fork is tuned to a specific frequency (a closely guarded secret) that clears the body of damp areas and increases the life force known as chi.


  • The SKN-RG® Crystals - Each crystal stone was created in three layers by the founder and is imbued with unique resonance to bring calm to the body's chakra system. Each is a magical stone, quite something to behold. 


  • The SKN-RG Face Lift Techniques - Over a decade of expertise has created a high end luxurious facial experience that brings incredible lift and deep rejuvenation.


"This isn’t any ordinary facial – this is a once in a lifetime experience that restores the mind, body and spirit. I can’t recommend the SKN-RG Wave Facial enough" livewithelle Journalist and Writer

Discover our reviews in Spa Break magazine - images curtesy of Hayley Hall

The Team

Deborah’s facials have been sought after by journalists, celebrities and beauty devotees, becoming so successful and coveted that Deborah has personally selected and trained her elite team of therapists called SKN-RG Experts. Discover them at a range of outlets from Harley Street to exclusive Spas and Salons. Deborah offers her unique facial experience from a variety of clinics available in Cheshire, Essex and London.

"Deborah’s facials are an entirely new experience. Her facelift technique leaves the muscular system, lifted, sculpted and fresh…” C N 2018

"Amidst the stunning rural countryside, meandering towards the sea you arrive to walk through a beautiful natural garden full of flowers, here lies Deborah Scotts SKN-RG® Clinic – the home of arguably one of the best facials you’ll ever have." D L 2017

Scheduling an appointment:
To book an appointment to see Deborah Scott or to find your nearest SKN-RG Expert please send your enquiry to or call us on +44 (0)1621 736 382

Cancellation policy:
Please note that regrettably a 100% charge will be levied for any treatment not cancelled at least 48 hours before your appointment.

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