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Finding the right brand doesn’t have to be daunting. Instead, you can embark on a journey of offering pure products and treatments that are built to perform.

In 2011 when the founders created the brand, they did so from your point of view – as expert therapists. They began with the question of “what does the skin need?” Poised with this approach, they formulated specifically for the client’s needs.

Their first inspiration was to create a new form of potent plant extraction, that would be delivered where and when the skin needs it most.

In 2009 the founders while at university had touched upon the power of frequency. Building their own laboratory on the beautiful Essex coast, Deborah and Robert created a machine to extract the full potential of their plant concentrates. And they named the device Quanta®.

In 2014 SKN-RG won government and university innovation for their Quanta® Technology. Quanta® is unique there is no other skincare company in the world that has Quanta® (although some may secretly want it).

40+ awards later, 5-star destination spas, The Hale Clinic in Harley Street to specially selected salon partners. SKN-RG has bloomed into a training centre. Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), our expert teachers and courses enable you to have complete confidence that you are joining a professional and accredited company.

Unique Treatments – Beyond The Layers Of The Skin Explore our SKN-RG Academy

So now you know a little about the USP (Unique Selling Point) but what about the treatments. Let me take you on a journey…..  Imagine if you could see inside your body and be able to adjust and assist its health and vitality. In fact, what if you could achieve this but also increase and balance the key elements to slow down or even reverse the signs of ageing? Well, that’s precisely how SKN-RG facials work, without giving to much of the magic away.

What about the ingredients are there any nasties in there?

No, of course not, all our products are 100% Vegan and Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free and Certified Organic Collections. All of these certifications giving you and your customers 100% customer satisfaction that the product they are using is what it is meant to be; pure, animal and cruelty-free. The list of what we don’t use is a long one but to assure you we do not use plastics, silicons, pegs, polymers, glycols and the list goes on and on and on, what we do is select ingredients proven to address your clients concerns.

PURE beauty that performs

What can you expect from us? SKN-RG is a family business, created with true passion and attention to detail and excellent customer service. We don’t outsource our products to be created and filled by others; instead, we extract our botanicals “in-house” creating fresh extracts and select the finest clinical actives, then and only then, do we expertly blend them to create “the” product your client can depend on. It is by coming from this point of view that we understand you and your business, your passion and your dreams helping you to make them become a reality.

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