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Discover The World Of Skin Energy

Skin + Energy = SKN RG


Our vision began. A quest to release the skins true potential. Their purpose, to create the world’s first energised organic and vegan approved skincare products.

Beyond The Layers of the Skin

University graduates Deborah & Robert Scott were convinced that frequency was the key to unlocking the secret of youthful skin. Fuelled by the works of Einstein and Tesla who said “when looking for the answers to life think in terms of frequency and vibration”.

Their approach was unique; nothing like Quanta® had ever existed. In their private laboratory, nestled amidst the stunning English coastline, the founder’s boldness had indeed created an organic skincare regime that was so much more than a mixture of cutting-edge ingredients; they had produced the world’s first Quanta charged skincare products. The results were incredible.


Judged, tried and tested, SKN-RG has continued to place its self under the scrutiny of cosmetic skincare specialists and experts. Winning over 26 awards since they released their first range of products in 2011.

Unconstrained by their ethical stance, SKN-RG continues to create luxurious vegan and organic products at the forefront of modern technology, selecting only premium soil association approved organic and natural ingredients, Vegan Society Approved and proudly Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free.

Discover how Luxurious, Organic and Vegan skincare cosmetics can work for you. Why compromise?


The founders worked closely in their laboratory energising their complexes using the world’s first Frequency Chamber which they called “Quanta”. Today Quanta® has resonated throughout the world with awards from both Universities and Government Innovation.


The same boldness inspired the founders to work within the spa industry creating a range of bespoke spa rituals, as trained therapists, scientists and organic skincare experts they were able to create a series of organic and vegan approved luxury treatments that go far beyond the layers of the skin.

As the word spread of their groundbreaking formulations so too did their outlets spreading too countless prestigious London clinics, Harley Street and Independent Department Stores.


Quanta® Technology is SKN-RG’s cellular rejuvenation, pure energy technology. A closely guarded secret since inception.

Each organic skincare product is unique, complete with an energising proprietary concentrate, forming the basis of each SKN-RG product. These are the very building blocks of skin energy, merging cutting complexes, clinically proven actives with traditional ancient herbalism to produce agelessly beautiful skin.

As each concentrate undergoes Quanta® frequency, it imbues new life and sparkling energy relating to the very origin of where cells are born, combined with the latest patented actives to give outstanding clinically proven results.

Quanta® is extraordinary, and here at SKN-RG, we go to great lengths to protect it. Each concentrate is a closely guarded secret. A precise, creation carefully thought out akin to the perfect symphony.

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