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Discover The History Of SKN-RG


Skin + Energy = SKN-RG


The Discovery

SKN-RG is a journey that began in 2011. Meet our founders Deborah & Robert Scott, it was over 7 years ago that our founders became intrigued with the idea of discovering what the skin really needs to overcome fatigue. Expert therapists they spent many years trialling different concentrates, creating luxurious easy to use skincare and spa treatments using only the finest Certified Organic, Vegan and Natural ingredients. 


As they progressed they felt an element was missing, their breakthrough was to become was to become what is today known as Quanta® Extraction Technology. Held within every plant cell is the power to transform your skin. By using a powerful machine that deployed specific frequncies they where able to extract the “whole-plant benefit”, evolving into a “new type” of plant complex that was readily excepted by the skin as energy.

From the beginning SKN-RG knew that if the skin had energy it could overcome fatigue, stress and ageing enabling you to look good and feel great. And so skin-energy “skn-rg”was born.

Pictured Founders Deborah & Robert Scott



Since 2014 SKN-RG have won more than 30 esteemed awards, including Best Anti-Ageing Skincare Brand 2019, Best Vegan Skincare Brand for 2018 and Best Vegan Specialist 2018, it is clear that their products continue to impress.

SKN-RG’s luxurious clean, vegan and organic skincare products are of the highest ethical standards. Made using only the very best Soil Association approved organic and natural ingredients, Vegan Society Approved and Proudly Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free, creating a product that you never have to compromise on.


Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certified

Robert Scott explains “While some items say they are cruelty-free, those claims may only refer to the finished product. Our next pinnacle step was to become Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free Certified. We felt that independent auditing was so important. The on-pack logo assures you that the product has not been tested on animals at any part of its creation or contains animal products in the raw ingredients through to the finished product by SKN-RG or any of its suppliers giving you complete confidence in our products efficacy”.



More Awards Luxury Outlets

Constantly pushing boundaries, SKN-RG newest treatment has created a new and completely immersive facial, designed to target ageing at the root by reducing the effect of the “Telomeres”. Telomeres are similar to shoelace caps or DNA strands that can become frayed and shorten over time. As we age the Telomeres erode and some of these signs can be seen visibly as wrinkles and grey hair. SKN-RG’s unique deep treatment is able to slow this process down bringing the body, mind and spirit into alignment to increase youthful rejuvenation. Discover this groundbreaking treatment at Multi-Award winning Luxury Natural and Organic Spa located in the New Forest called SenSpa twinned with Careys Manor to offer luxury country retreat where East meets West to create the most unforgettable stay. 


SKN-RG Scoops Awards

Set apart from thousands of entries around the world! Every year more brands emerge pushing the bar higher and higher and SKN-RG are proud to one of those placed by judges at the top. So what does being at the top mean? Purity in our formulations, external validation and performance, these are just a few of the areas we are proud to have as our ethos. 


BEST LUXURY VEGAN SKINCARE (Health Beauty & Wellness Awards 2019)

BEST ANTI-AGEING SKINCARE BRAND (Luxury Life Magazine London 2019)


BEST FACE MASK –innovation
SKN-RG Advanced Miracle Mask – Cellular Resurfacing

SKN-RG Advanced Flash Balm Make Up Remover


SKN-RG Advanced Eye Elixir Pure Luminosity


SKN-RG Beauty Shortlist Finalist Eye ElxirEDITOR’S CHOICE – BEAUTY

SKN-RG Pro Serum Concentrate
SKN-RG Alpha Serum High Energy Liquid Laser
SKN-RG Super Rich Creme Cleanser


Certified Organic

Deborah explains “It became clear to us through our research that clean and pure ingredient selection was vital so becoming Certified with The Soil Association in 2014 was a seamless step for us, giving our consumers complete confidence in what they are buying. In February of 2014, we were met with the seal of approval from the industry with several awards bestowed upon us during our exhibition at Professional Beauty Excel London.


The Vegan Society Approved Products

But why was Cruelty-Free and Vegan approval so necessary? Deborah Scott explains: “We are so proud to be Vegan Approved, but for SKN-RG the decision was a clear one as we had seen first hand the benefits to the skin in choosing pure animal-free ingredients. Today it is simply not enough to say a product is “vegan” without a thorough investigation into each ingredient that makes the product. SKN-RG places great emphasis on claim validation, as the industry does not always give a clear choice, SKN-RG continues to offer a clean beauty regime that can be relied upon as being a clear choice for consumers”.


Government Innovation Award

A pinnacle moment in the history of SKN-RG was our Government and University Business Innovation Awards we received for our Quanta® Technology. The first of its kind Quanta® uses unique sonic and frequency waves that increase the performance of our products extracts. Each product contains a unique blend of herbs and/or adaptogens that is complimentary to the products specific process. For example herbs that increase toxin removal in the cleansing process. Each herbal blend is a powerful concentrate only made possible through the power of Quanta®.


Luxury Outlets

As word of SKN-RG’s incredible products and cutting-edge treatments spread so too has their reputation within the industry. Today SKN-RG is proud to be used in the country’s most prestigious outlets, including The Hale at Harley Street London, The Berkeley Clinic London, award-winning independent department stores and by of course our highly trained SKN-RG experts throughout the UK.

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