The Science of Meditation

As the world begins to recognise the growing body of evidence supporting that regular meditation can indeed slow down ageing at a cellular level, SKN-RG has been at the forefront of this research for several years within the skincare arena. Telomeres naturally lengthen and divide as we age however this process can change becoming accelerated.

Similar to shoelace caps Telomeres become frayed with everyday stresses placed upon us, chronic stress being one of a number of major contributing factors.

Our founder Deborah Scott firmly believes in daily meditation “as a Buddhist practitioner and expert therapist I have discovered how science and nature can work hand in hand. For many years I have incorporated meditation into my facial clinic treatments and have witnessed first hand the difference in my client’s skin and their energy, I was delighted to work with one of the country’s top 5 star spas Senspa exclusively creating for them the worlds first immersive facial treatment called SKN-RG Wave“.
COMING SOON: Deborah Scott Co-CEO of SKN-RG and Buddhist Practitioner will be sharing some of her key meditations, taking us on a gentle journey to regain a sense of equilibrium.


Meditation Simplified

Experience the roots of Quanta® through this soothing music created for you to enjoy*.
You can listen through your computer, tablet or mobile*. For a more personal experience why not try headphones*. Don’t have access to sound? Don’t worry just follow the steps. Want to start the music again? Just use the handy pause and play button on the left hand side of your screen.


Let us look at the steps to gain familiarity.
1. Comfortable deep breathing
2. “Thinking” about the body
3. “Letting go” and relaxing the body in stages working downwards.
4. Watching the breath flow
5. Rise and fall of the lungs and stomach.
6. The State of Inner Calm
7. The “Return” to our surroundings
8. Open your eyes
9. The gentle Stretch


  1. When you are comfortable and in a safe* place soften your gaze and relax your eyes. Take a few soft deep breaths and slowly close your eyes.
  2. Then “think about” the top of your head and let it relax, we will call this “letting go.” TIP You can just think about the area or very gently tense the area and then let go slowly.
  3. Then “think about” your: “Face” (Zone 1) – top of the head, forehead, back of the head, eye brows, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and jaw and “let them go.”
  • TIP As you work downwards gently scan each area to recognise any heaviness or lightness.
  • Each “zone” should be to a slow count of 10 seconds. You can slowly count as you move down each body part.
  • Continue to slowly work down your body, thinking about your neck, shoulders, back, chest and arms all the way down to your finger tips and then “let them go.”
  • Then think about your stomach, hips, seated area and thighs and let them go. Finally think about your knees lower legs, ankles, top of the feet souls of the feet all the way to your toes. And “let them go.”
  1. Now in this deeply relaxed state and without changing your breath begin to watch the breath flow.
  2. Notice the rise and fall of your lungs and or stomach, continue to watch this sensation for a minute or so.
  3. Now you have reached the state of inner calm, do not worry if thoughts run around your head, this is expected, just let them float past and enjoy the moment. Remain here for a few minutes and enjoy the relaxation gently watching the breath, if thoughts travel in just gently go back to watching the breath. After a few minutes begin your return.
  4. Begin your return by feeling the chair or the couch or where ever you are sitting comfortably, notice the sounds around you, then gently move your toes and your fingers. Take a deep breath and allow your chest cavity to expand and deeply cleanse letting go of any toxins.
  5. Now gently open your eyes.
  6. Take a gentle stretch.

So how did that feel? Did your mind race, were you able to get of sense of the inner calm?
Don’t worry and don’t expect too much, but with practice and time, you will be able to tune into your inner peace quickly.
DISCLAIMER *Only listen when it is safe to do so and never listen or engage in meditation if you are operating or using machinery. SKN-RG accepts no responsibility or liability.

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