Smooth and Reduce Maskne

Nothing feels worse than inflamed, sore skin that just can’t breathe under a mask. Choosing the correct product to calm and halt these inflammations is key to giving your skin the care it needs. By selecting products that are free of liquid plastics that coat the skin and stop them from breathing, you will begin seeing real results teamed with clinical actives; that are proven to promote a clearer, more even complexion.

So, where do you start? Begin with one of our AHA and Enzyme cleansers, SLS and Soap free. As the dead skin cells are sloughed off from our ingenious formulation, you can begin to see and feel and difference. Then move onto our hardworking serums to boost those vitalised cells and finish with our incredible energising moisturisers that work deeply to control the occurrence of Maskne again. You’ve got the perfect team to start really seeing results in-salon performance!

Clearing Maskne
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