Debs Scott CO FOunder talks about how Liposomes work on the skin and how they can benefit your regime.

“Liposomes are microspheres made from similar plant-derived materials that mimic a cell. Incredibly intuitive as a delivery system that passes active ingredients from inside the sphere into the deeper layers of the epidermis. Up until 2016 liposomes in the skincare industry were thought to be passed down more deeply.  According to a paper published in 2016 new nanotechnology demonstrated that Liposomes break apart, however, their research did conclude that this “breaking” would set off a chain reaction, in turn, passing the active deeper down almost like a domino effect rather than an intact cell.

SKN-RG use a range of Liposomes including:
Cinnamon Bark Liposome – regulates tyrosinase activity reducing melanin production reducing pigmentation in the skin. Find it in our Ultra Marine Collagen Creme.

Salicylic Acid Liposome – can be tolerated by those with sensitive skin but still wish to benefit from the action that Salicylic Acid treats such as softening textured skin, close down pores, control oil production. Find it in our new Award Winning 2021 Hydra Veil.

Caffeine Liposome – Used as a skin energiser and booster. Find it in our Eye Elixir to tackle darkness, puffiness and lines.


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