Evolution®Blue Light Skincare

Defend against "tech" ageing with
SKN-RG Evolution Blue Light Skincare Collection

"Modern times, need modern care. SKN-RG Evolution is "the" must-have in the modern age. With our dependence on technology at an all-time high, SKN-RG has developed the solution, air-light textures, spa aromas and totally effective clinical actives.

This collection contains an ingenious Plankton that in response to environmental pollution developed a diamond shield for protection. The clinically proven Plankton extract allows beneficial light to pass through to cells while blocking harmful light emitted from the technology which we call "Tech Ageing". SKN-RG provides the vital armour against the war of ageing and combines the latest high-level "premium" clinical actives, powerful antioxidants to reduce free radicals, incredible lipo filling, unparalleled lift, and enviable correction. The collection must be experienced, to be believed. Natural, Organic and Vegan"

SKN-RG CEO Head Facialist & Trainer Deborah Scott