Enlarged Pores

Do you suffer from enlarged pores?

Often these are created by the overproduction of sebum which accentuates the pore. And of course, our natural instinct is to use control products that only exacerbate the problem. However, there is an effective way to treat this difficult problem. By using our powerful yet gentle enzymes you can rebalance the skin and sebum production while ensuring the pore is cleaned effectively, stopping the reoccurrence of the enlarged pores.

When you do notice the pore becoming enlarged try one of our exfoliators to deeply penetrate and remove any potential blackhead accumulation. Finally by using a product that is plant-based you are steering away from common products that contain liquid plastics like copolymers, acrylates, nylons and types of vinyl which all increase pore size (yes – even if the product says it is a pore minimising or controlling product).

So why do so many companies formulate in this way? Plant-based formulas are incredibly hard to create, they require constant attention, different heats and different special actives that take time to mix and care for. Liquid plastics are cheap and easy to combine reducing the need for time, which in turn produces higher turnover and therefore more profit.

So how do we know this? Over a decade ago our founders who are therapists decided to create their skincare in-house in their own laboratory. It is this fundamental unique difference of formulating and designing and working with the ingredients first-hand that makes the difference.

We did not ask someone to create for us. We are the creators. It is our passion for producing the very best without a hefty price tag that spurred us on to create the very best skincare for you and our awards speak for themselves.


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