Do You Suffer From Dry Eyes or Skin Around Your Body? Skin Treatment For Dry Skin Around Eyes

Do You Suffer From Dry Eyes or Skin Around Your Body? Skin Treatment For Dry Skin Around Eyes

Dry Skin Around Eyes

What causes dry skin around the eyes and eyelids?

When the top layer of the skin fails to maintain enough moisture to function properly, dry skin develops around that area. Dry skin on the eyelids is unpleasant and a sight for concern for many people who follow skincare routines and work hard to maintain top health. There could be a variety of reasons for dryness of the skin occurring in patches or unusual areas such as the one eye. Symptoms or reactions may only occur on one eye rather than both eyes. A frequent skin ailment, such as atopic dermatitis, or environmental conditions, such as dry air in the winter, can also cause dry eyelids. Dry skin on the eyelids is unpleasant, but there are various excellent home remedies for the symptoms. We want to help you take care of your health. If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, we would advise you to seek a dermatologist or a medical professional; flaking surface, rough texture and fissures, itching, unpleasant burning or stinging, wrinkled and loose look, peeling, rawness or irritation are all common symptoms of dry skin. The intensity of dry skin sensations can range from minor to severe which is why it is best to see a specialist if you are concerned. You can also find information on the NHS site.


Dry, itchy skin that gets rough and flaky over time might be caused by certain environments. Dry air, for example, can deplete moisture in the skin's upper layers, causing it to become dry. When the temperature drops in the winter, dry air is more common. Water can also cause the skin to become dry. Long baths or showers can deplete the skin's natural oils, which help it retain moisture.


Unfortunately, simply aging may be the cause of sensitive eyelid skin, dry flaking eyelids or general dry skin around the eyes. The amount of oil in the top layers of the skin diminishes with age, as does the number of sweat glands in the skin. These side effects may make it difficult for a person's skin to retain moisture. Smoking and excessive sun exposure, for example, can hasten the aging process. The skin wrinkles and cracks as we become older. It can also cause itchiness in regions of dry, flaky skin.

Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids and eyelash hair follicles that can last for months or years. It has an impact on people of all ages. Poor eyelid hygiene or care, excessive oil produced by the glands in the eyelid, a bacterial infection (typically staphylococcal), or an allergic reaction are among the most common causes of blepharitis. It's natural to have microorganisms on your skin, but too much might cause difficulties. Blepharitis can also be caused by clogged or inflamed oil glands in the eyelids. Although blepharitis cannot be cured, it can be effectively managed with medication. People with eyelid inflammation should avoid wearing cosmetics around their eyes, such as eyeliner, mascara, and other eye makeup, in addition to home treatment. Warm compresses to loosen dry eyelids are used to treat dry eyelids casued blepharitis. Blepharitis tends to be worse in cold windy weather, air-conditioned environments, prolonged computer usage, sleep deprivation, contact lens wear, and with general dehydration. It also tends to be worse in the presence of active skin disease e.g. acne rosacea, seborrhoeic dermatitis. Blepharitis  is not usually serious, but can lead to other problems, such as dry eyes, cysts and conjunctivitis, especially if it's not treated.

What does eczema look like around the eyes? Do I need to go to the NHS?

Eczema can affect any part of the body, including the eyelids and the area around them. Itchy, dry skin are some of the signs of eczema around the eyes. Skin around the eye or eyes that is red and inflamed and also dry flaky eyelids are other symptoms. Adults with eczema on other parts of their face are more likely to develop eyelid eczema. Adults are more likely to develop seborrhoeic dermatitis of the eyelids, which affects only the eyelid edges. Topical corticosteroid creams or lotions are common eczema treatments to treat dry skin. Medications containing corticosteroids that are used orally.

Contact with irritants or allergens can cause you to contact dermatitis, or it can be a symptom of a more serious skin condition like atopic dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis. A periorbital dermatitis can be caused by rosacea or periorificial (perioral) dermatitis. A red, itchy rash generated by direct contact with a substance or an allergic reaction to it is known as contact dermatitis. Although the rash isn't contagious or life-threatening, it can be quite unpleasant. Soaps, cosmetics, scents, jewels, and plants are just a few examples of items that can induce allergic reactions. Symptoms of contact dermatitis normally fade away in two to three weeks. Your symptoms will most likely recur if you continue to come into contact with the allergen or irritant. You will probably have no symptoms as long as you avoid contact with the allergen or irritant.

How do you treat dry flaking skin or dry flaking eyelids?

Use fragrance-free lotions or creams to moisturize your skin and start a skin care regime to treat dry flaking skin. Keep your fingers away from your eyes and eyelids. To relieve dry, irritated, and itchy skin, apply cool compresses to your eyelids. If you suspect blepharitis, keep your hands clean and apply warm compresses to your eyes.

Vaseline is safe to use on dry skin and is even advised. Vaseline can help heal chafed and dry skin because of its occlusive characteristics. It's very useful for your eyelids' delicate skin. Vaseline, unlike most other products, is safe to use around the eyes. Hypoallergenic products, such as Vaseline® Jelly Original, are ideal because they're formulated to lessen the risk of irritation or allergic reaction. Because some normal moisturizers and lotions are not always safe to use on the eye area, we recommend applying Vaseline® Jelly to the eyelids. Try to keep your skin clean and avoid any irritants that might cause a flare up once more.

We have a page dedicated on our site for the treatment of dry skin around and under the eyes. We care about your health and aim to restore you to your natural beauty. We can help with new symptoms and signs of aging. To help boost skin elasticity and rich compositions, start with our oil-based products, such as our best-selling Cellular Repair Moisturizer or the New C3 Ceramide for excellent anti-ageing. Our products are medically reviewed and have been proven to help with dry, swollen or sensitive areas of skin. Each product comes with a list of benefits and ingredients for you to read and decide which is the best product for you. We can send the products to your home for your convenience.



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