Dry Skin

Do you suffer from taught, dry or fragile skin that feels sensitive?

Then a skincare regime that is rich in skin biome enhancing and nutritious ingredients are vital for you.

So often, the words Dry, Sensitive and Fragile all come with a compromise of not performing. This is where SKN-RG can offer you gentle plant-based care with clinical actives that perform.

As pioneers of Quanta® plant extraction technology, we harvest a complex of nutritious plant benefits giving you antioxidant-rich and PH balancing complexes designed to destress.

Strengthening; SKN-RG’s unique sensitive care products can help you overcome product sensitivity to release your true beautiful skin.

Our first step in our dry skin formulations is the inclusion of Prebiotics (special skin food) for your beneficial skin army, and Probiotics (the army that protects your skin).

Akin to live yoghurt these skin-friendly bacteria are your natural defence. When they are healthy your skin is glowing when they are depleted through stress or environmental pollutants (even dust, city living or travelling and heating) all play a part in depleting this incredible army causing your skin to be unbalanced dry even flakey. So start by looking at our Oil-based products as well to increase skin elasticity and rich formulas for example our top-selling Cellular Repair Moisturiser or the New C3 Ceramide for incredible anti-ageing.



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