Do Adaptogens Really Work & What Are They?

It’s no secret that I’m all for a bit of meditation.

My daily mantra “relax, breathe, chill”.
Because chilled skin is happy skin. So what’s the easiest way to get peace in a world dominated by connectivity and jam-packed schedules that all contribute to overactive adrenals and stressed out complexions? Adaptogens, that’s how. One of the buzziest term in the realm of beauty that still holds an air of mystery? Enter Mr Miyagi…what are these miraculous herbs you ask?

Enter “Adaptogens” incredible plants above and beyond the typical botanicals in the industry. These specific plants can help regulate processes in the body and literally as the term suggests they enable your skin to adapt. Giving your skin what it needs at a given point in time.

The term Adaptogen was first introduced by Russian scientist Nikolay Lazarev in 1940’s in his pursuit to create a pure performance tonic during the cold war. And has been used for centurys by Shaolin Monks (Reishi to aid concentration) to Vikings (Rhodiola to aid physical stregth during conquests) to 3000 BCE as one of the oldest Traditional Medicines in the early beginnings of Ayuverda to the modern day plant physical and mental enhancers termed as Nootropics.

Adaptogen skincare contains herbs that help modulate our response to stress, do you ever get flushes, suddenly come out in hives or find yourself itching? Ever looked in the mirror and thought the lines and wrinkles look worse? Guaranteed, this is the effect of stress or your body reacting, which then shows up on the skin.

At SKN-RG, our forward-thinking has created a product that promotes healthy skin from the inside out. Our unique technology allows us to extract the full benefit of the plant so, in turn, you receive the optimal nutrition in other words, bye-bye reactive skin hello SKN-RG Stress Less® Technology. All you have to do is buy try and see the difference.

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