Anti Ageing

Prevent & Reduce The Appearance Of Skin Ageing

Several factors accelerate your skin’s ageing, from sun damage to environmental pollution to daily stress and the natural ageing process.

Every day your skin is being subjected to damage. As the degradation increases, it leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin and DNA damage. Continue reading below:



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For over a decade, SKN-RG’s founders have been working closely with clients to give volume, plumpness and a lineless complexion. You can create a simple regime with the right anti-ageing products that will stimulate your skin back into a more rejuvenated, plumper, lineless appearance.
Recent studies have shown that damage reversal can take up to 15 years off your age when using the correct skincare. So what are the correct products that give results? As you can see from our ingredient list, we use various high-end clinical actives proven to perform certain tasks.
We recommend making sure you cover these areas daily to get the best-looking skin;

Treat your eyes daily!
The area around the windows to your soul are the thinnest and are often one of the first places you will notice the signs of ageing. The culprits are any form of squinting (always smile as frowning costs money!). So to smooth the frowns and lift the puffiness you will need special clinical actives that SKN-RG have.
Our multi-award-winning Eye Elixir combines, Stem cells, Tripeptide, Marine Collagen, Liposomes, Hyaluronic Acid and cutting edge Amino Acids and Vitamins. Including immune-boosting Zinc and stabilised Vitamin C, plus a suite of cutting edge super potent medicinal herbs in one easy to use a pump that will literally begin to turn the hands of time back. And whatever is left on your fingertips, you can smooth away those smile lines too!

Get Plant Retinol in your Routine Daily
Yes, there’s certainly a lot of controversy around Vitamin A (Retinol) products and their associated contraindications. But there are alternatives like our multi-award-winning <a href=””>The Matrix</a>. It is products like The Matrix, Alpha Serum, Eye Elixir, Advance Brightening, and Ultra Marine that kicks cells into action, giving you a higher cell turn over resulting in a super youthful complexion resulting in more new fresh skin cells.
So why are newer skin cells important? In your twenties, your cells were renewing every week; as you become older, this process slows down. 50+, and it is around every 4 weeks. So using a range of products including exfoliators weekly, masks to reinforce the cells and daily boosters and cleansers to help those cells come through more quickly is vital. Team those with expert SKN-RG facials, and you’ve got incredible skin that so many are totally enviable about and not an invasive procedure in sight!

But I Need Lift!
Oh, that holy grail of instant lift. At the forefront of technology, SKN-RG created Alpha Serum with a unique activity that progressively lifts the skin the more you use it. Check out this wonder product and with an A list of ingredients, including free radical scavenging and antioxidant boosting platinum water and natural lipo filling ingredients its easy to see why our therapists dubbed it “Botox in a Bottle”. It’s so easy to use simply; cleanse, place on Alpha Serum after cleansing and then moisturise. I love using the Matrix before Alpha Serum, or I use The Matrix after cleansing at night.

Reboot, Refresh &amp; Get All-Day Hydration
Bottom line, the less water in your skin, the older you will look. We’ve all heard a thousand times “drink more water”, that is true, but you also need the miracle power of potent PGA (Polyglutamaic Acid) and or HA (Hyaluronic Acid). These two wonder ingredients, both plant-based microscopic clinical actives, hold huge amounts of water, but they are also extremely clever at drawing moisture from the air. So a high-quality product that is super rich in HA or PGA is vital. Teamed with our incredible super potent medicinal herbs and the A list of clinical actives, you have enviable, youthful-looking skin all day.

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