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Like your face, the rest of your body needs special care. You might only think about those areas you can immediately see, like your hands or feet, perhaps? But it would be best if you considered incorporating a total 360 degree routine of care that incorporates both face and body.

As your body ages, the elasticity begins to degrade, and loss of firmness occurs. SKN-RG created Altitude to bring a higher form of body care that gives (just as our face products do) incredible performance but nurtures your entire well being not just a product to smooth on but one that enables you to de-stress and calm, and that is why we called the collection Altitude.

We love meditation at SKN-RG and believe that "stress is a beauty burglar". We go to great lengths both in the clinic through guided meditations and personally to ensure it is a part of our ritual. This process works really well and can lead to a higher form of relaxation that benefits not only your skin but your mind too.

SKN-RG Body Care
  • Alcohol Free


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  • Alcohol Free


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