Accutane The Road To Recovery

As an expert facialist, I've personally helped many who now feel 100% more confident

It's a difficult road to traverse when faced with acne, and sometimes we take a different route. But, as an expert facialist, I've personally helped many who now feel 100% more confident. We can help you too and enable your skin to recover. We have the answers to help you and the right products for your skin," says Deborah Scott, SKN-RG Head Therapist & Co-Founder of SKN-RG Skincare.

Your first step is to ensure you use a light SLS free cleanser like our SKN-RG Evolution Diamond Blue. Diamond Blue Gel Cleanser uses the corrective power of a unique Plankton species that hoovers up bacteria on the skin and corrects the skin. At the same time, our papaya enzyme allows the dead skin cells to slough off, allowing your treatment to work even more deeply.

Evolution Diamond Blue is a wonder cleansing gel that you can leave on the skin for up to 8 minutes or until it has nearly dried. It suits even the most sensitive skins as it uses powerful herbs to cleanse without stripping them. Teamed with a host of clinical actives, including Hyaluronic Acid, which gives the skin vital hydration through acne treatments. It is also free of liquid plastics (vinyl and co polymers) and non-comedogenic, so it allows the skin to breathe.

Hydration is a crucial factor here by cleansing the skin twice a day and using our latest innovation Hydra Veil. The 3 in 1 toner, serum and essence is a cooling gel that delivers a potent isotonic skin drink to the skin without relying on commonplace Vitamin C, Retinol serums, AHA's or BHA's. Each of those can aggravate your accutane journey. Our top recommendation is Hydra Veil as it uses liposomal Salicylic acid in its gentlest form. It does not inflame the skin but actually works to reduce redness and takedown lumps and bumps.

Key to your complete range is a daily moisturiser that will give you the moisturisation you need without clogging the skin, our top product is the Evolution Lumiere Moisturiser, which contains an alpine flower that controls excess sebum and gold extract which corrects the skin.

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