Q: How do I know what type of skin care product suits my skin type?

  1. Firstly begin by cleansing your face, then wait approx. 30 minutes before applying any other products.
  2. Look at your skin in the mirror, does it look dry and feel tight? If so you have a “Dry” skin type
  3. Does your skin feel itchy or irritated? Then you have “Sensitive, Fragile” skin type.

Trying using our new SKN-RG Organics, (Soil Association Certified Organic) Skincare System suited for Dry, Sensitive and Fragile Skins. Specifically formulated to combat both dry and irritated skins, working in harmony with your skins natural defences reducing dryness and flare-ups without greasiness or clogging the skin.

If your skin feels oily across your forehead progressing downwards in a “T” shape you have “Combination” skin type. If you feel the need to absorb oiliness over a larger area of your face then you have “Oily” skin.

“My skin is normal combination do you have a moisturiser to cater for my sensitivity?”  Yes simply select Normal Combination which will reduces combination concerns with gentle care.

“My skin is normal combination but not sensitive what product should I use?”

Try using SKN-RG Advanced , the enzymes present in the formulations breakdown dead skin cells at a faster rate reducing oiliness and skin imperfections whilst optimising cellular renewal allowing the skin to absorb the products components.

Always test your skin type at least four times a year in line with the seasons as your skin will require different products.

Still Unsure?

Try our visiting our SKN-RG specialists to find the right products for you.


Q: I have bought a product or seen your products for sale on a 3rd party auction site.

We ask customers to only buy products from suppliers listed on our website or direct from us as products for sale on the auction site may not be genuine. We do not allow any products to be sold through third party auction sites. We cannot except any liability if a product is purchase through 3rd party websites.


Q: Why doesn’t SKN-RG make products with sunscreen? 

At present there are no efficient safe Soil Association approved sunscreen actives. Many still contain highly toxic ingredients including; nano particles, polymers, petroleum or use alcohol to drive down the protective element into the skin. SKN-RG Laboratory Researchers are actively searching for an ingredient that is full tested as a) being long term safe for both use on skin and b) the environment. SKN-RG asks clients to ensure they carefully and fully check their sunscreen products before application onto the skin.


Q: What comes first sunscreen or moisturiser?

We recommend that sunscreen should go on last after moisturisation to block out the sun’s harmful rays, we do not feel that skincare products containing SPF are as effective as dedicated products that contain SPF.


Q: I use makeup with SPF do I still need sunscreen?

Yes always. SPF in makeup cannot substitute for full sun block protection. Which should be applied through-out the day.


Q: Can I mix my other skincare products with yours?

NO. We advise against mixing skincare types, as different skincare products contain different numbers of “Actives” some like SKN-RG’s include the use of Natural Retinol, AHA, & Enzymes, using too much of these from different companies “unmonitored” could cause irritation, so it is important to use one type of skincare like SKN-RG’s Systems which are fully monitored to harmonise and complement each other so you can receive the optimum benefit.


Q: Is there a difference between high street skincare and professional skincare products.

High street bands can be less concentrated and may or may not contain a similar number of actives, SKN-RG Products are specially formulated by Spa Industry experts and can be used in unison with specific SKN-RG Treatments.

SKN-RG products contain a concentrated number of “Actives” and are classified as “Performance” due to the number of active ingredients. Generally speaking SKN-RG Products give optimum results in shorter periods which cannot be obtained by over the counter products.


Q: I am in my twenties do I really need anti-ageing products?

Prevention is always better than cure, striking a balance between concentrated actives, optimum hydration and moisturisation is key to optimum skin preservation. Try our SKN-RG Organics range, and always use a high SPF factor.


Q: How can I reduce the lines and wrinkles on my face?

Exfoliation is so important, it removes dead and dulling surface skin cells, whilst providing a number of key Actives and “Quanta® Energy” which will give visible improvement. Team this with our Pro Oil or Organic Pro Serum and your skin will look better every week. Combined with our Eye Elixir for a little extra help.


Q: Help! I have developed acne what can I do?

Acne is usually caused by a hormonal shift. Try switching to our oil free Advanced Brightening Moisturiser, avoid products that contain any irritants, take a look at our “Ingredients We Don’t Use” for key ingredients to avoid and if it doesn’t state the ingredients email the company or don’t buy it!

For your Daily Regime Try SKN-RG Advanced, Cleansing Melt, Enzyme Toner, Pro Serum and Advanced Brightening Moisturiser.


Q: Help! My Skin Gets Very Dry?

Awlays use a moisturiser twice a day, at night Cleanse with our SKN-RG Organics Super Rich Crème Cleanser, tissue off with Organics Toner ad a little Organics Pro Serum allow to be absorbed and complete with SKN-RG Organics Moisturiser.


Q: What eye care should I use?

Firstly; always, use a dedicated eye makeup remover, never, ever use cleansers that are not specially formulated for use on the eye.

Try our SKN-RG Advanced, natural and organic “Flash Balm Cleanser”, it is comforting and naturally repairing and will remove the toughest of eye make-up, even waterproof mascara. The eye cleanser is also anti-ageing, reducing imperfections, whilst nourishing lashes with its luscious lash serum.

SKN-RG Advanced Eye Elixir is an excellent “all-rounder” it will reduce fine lines and puffiness with natural lipo fillers such as Kombuchka a form of Black Tea Ferment, whilst reduce darkenss, and overall skin tone health. Formulated with Pure Collagen Boosting Ingredients, Peptides, Vitamins and antioxidant rich extracts for optimum rejuvenations.


Q: What can I eat and drink to make my skin more healthy.

There is no substitute for water! Drink plenty and keep yourself hydrated. Avoid Coffee and Tea, which can also increase darkness around the eyes. Sleep well and increase your fitness activity.

Vitamin A is essential for skin repair, health and strength. It can help prevent mature and premature ageing as well as acne and skin sensitivities. Find it in Almonds, Curly Kale, Carrots and Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Apricots, Cantaloupe Melon, Sweet Peppers, Tuna and Mango.

Vitamin B, B1, B2, B3 and B5. There are many B vitamins, they work to keep skin healthy and revitalised. They can also relieve skin stress such as Eczema and other irritations. Look for foods like Avocados, Oranges, Peanuts and Brown Rice. Below is a brief outline of some of the key B vitamins you can introduce into your diet through certain foods to ensure optimum skin health.

B1, Seeds, Brown Rice,

B2, Dried apricots, Soya Products, Avocados

B3=Avocados, Dry Roasted Peanuts.

B5= Oranges, Bananas, Mushrooms, and Cauliflower.

Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that can heal damage to the skin, recent research has suggested that increasing your intake of Vitamin C 2 weeks prior to menstruation can aid in the reduction of symptoms. Find it in: Citrus Fruits: Oranges, Lemons. Berries: Strawberrys, Blackcurrants, Blackberries, Tomatos, Curly Kale, Peppers, Mange tout, Papaya, Kiwi.

Vitamin D is known as a pigmentation control element. Find it in, Oily Fish, Eggs, Soya, Whole Grain Cereals, Mushrooms.

Vitamin E a natural powerful antioxidant can reduce damage to the skin include sun damage. Find it in: Sunflower seeds, Kiwi, Chili Powder, Spinach, Basil, Apricots, Hazelnuts, Broccoli, Pumpkin Seeds.

ZINC assists the skin in its repair and healing functions. Find it in: Blackberries, Kiwi, Peas, and Almonds.


Q: Are there any other activities or measures I can take to assist the wellbeing of my skin?

Yes, positive activities such as Walking, Swimming and Pilates are very important for a balanced regime. These types of activities engage mainly your physical self. Try engaging your “mental” self through Meditation. Not only is it proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure but it also deeply relaxes you optimising your body’s ability to detoxify and repair.


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